Saturday, May 10, 2008


I Bought A Pack Of Cigarettes Today.

I had enough money to buy the cheaper pack of cigarettes called "Hummers". They cost $1.59 with tax - as opposed to my brand - Kools - which cost around $4.50 a pack!

Beggars can't be chosers when they don't have a lot of money!

My adsense payment won't be coming for a couple of weeks yet.

But you know what? I am grateful for at least having these cigarettes because I am a much nicer person when I have cigarettes!

Believe me you wouldn't want to meet me on a bad day!

This one pack of cigarettes will at least get me through the weekend!

I have about $10 in my bank account right now but that is because one of my checks hasn't been cashed yet and I am oh-so-tempted to spend that money on cigarettes. With that $10 I could buy 2 packs of Kools! (Of course then if the check was presented it would be labeled as "insufficient funds" .....

Ever tried playing "tag" with your bank account?

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Sunday, May 04, 2008



I'm currently smoking from a brand of cigarettes called "Hummers". I have mentioned them before saying that they were a cheaper brand from my regular Kool 100's. They do cost a lot cheaper - around $2.50 cheaper than a pack of Kools cost.

As far as cheaper cigarettes go they are not too bad. They do have this more ugly brown color to them but they do satisfy my nicotine lust though.

But fortunately today I was able to buy some cigarettes at my local Rite Aid store and came to find out that they were on sale today. $3 off of two packs! So naturally I bought two packs! Of course I didn't even know that they were on sale and it seems like I am catching them on sale quite often.

Good news for us that smoke (and smoke Kools!)

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